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We provide a range of specialist services to the Military, Marine, Oil, Gas and Aviation Industries and manage contracts with major OEM and CEM's. Exporting our know-how and expertise to a much larger worldwide customer base, we have developed an impressive client portfolio which includes some of the world's most prestigious companies.


Whistler Technology's services include bespoke solutions for Obsolescence Management including; Component Intelligence (confirming the availability of components and total BoM requirements), Obsolescence Mitigation solutions including Component Adaptions and Software Solutions which help you manage obsolescence and avoid wherever possible.




Due to Intense competition in electronics, the marketplace is leading to price and margin erosion, which means that organisations must continually look at new and innovative ways to meet these challenges. Our procurement services help our clients to address these requirements.


In such a challenging economic climate, procurement outsourcing is coming of age. Organisations are validating and embedding outsourcing as the key driver to enhancing their profit and cash flow position.


With corporations typically spending up to 50% of sales revenues with external suppliers, a professionally managed sourcing program is an essential component of survival in today's business environment. Reductions in procurement costs flow directly to the bottom line.


Optimum vendor reduction savings supports the cost reduction, supplier risk and sustainability agenda by providing clients with best-in-class sourcing practitioners, who have deep category expertise across the direct and indirect portfolio of expenditure.



Whistler provides a global parts sourcing and delivery service for hard to find and obsolete components. Our team of experts are proud of their collective ability to source parts that have eluded others.


When an item is identified as obsolete our specialist team at Whistler will:


  1. Investigate open markets, prioritising Approved Vendor databases
  2. Stock validation using advanced counterfeit avoidance strategies
  3. Liaise to see if continued production can be secured
  4. Establish if a one-off Life Time Buy is possible
  5. Investigate alternative items
  6. Help avoid any costly re-designs and re-qualifications
  7. Investigate possible After Market sources and component adaptions
  8. Talk to our customer and secure manufacturing data enabling reverse engineering


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