Whistler Assured Component Obsolescence Management Program (COMP) is a range of obsolescence management solutions designed to meet your specific business needs.

We got it covered with COMP

COMP provides you with a safety net and extra eyes and ears. Dynamic product change alerts, BOM health checks, predicted obsolescence dates and current life cycles, live monitoring is designed to minimise the impact of obsolescence and reduce your costs by the early identification and use of appropriate strategies and resources. COMP is a flexible monitoring and BoM appraisal solution, consisting of the following elements:


  1. Obsolescence Management with live BoM Health Checks
  2. Environmental compliance, ECCN Governance and Conflict Mineral Data
  3. Advanced Predictive obsolescence algorithms and Life Cycle data
  4. EOL, PCN and other real-time Alerts
  5. Available Drop in Fit-Form-Function alternatives
  6. Single and Multi-Source BoM line identification


Regardless of whether you require assistance in developing obsolescence management strategies or you would just like to monitor component availability, we've got it covered with COMP.



Component Obsolescence Management Program

"The benefits of our solution go far beyond your expectations."


They include:


  1. Reducing the risk of your exposure to obsolescence across the supply chain.
  2. Decreasing the through life support through obsolescence mitigation options and solutions & rewards.
  3. Plan and execute a robust and tailored Obsolescence Management strategy.
  4. Increasing client confidence in your ability to manage obsolescence & give your business a competitive edge.
  5. We support you through a team of experienced individuals who only care about your firm needs.

Whistler Assured Program is free to join and provides the following benefits:

  • Free shipping on all orders above £100
  • 24 month warranty
  • Guaranteed RFQ response time within 24 hours
  • Customer flow down management. (Contract Review)
  • COMP. (Access to the Component Obsolescence Management Program)
  • Pre-agreed sourcing routes
  • Fully Traceable only
  • Direct Manufacturer, Franchise or Agent only
  • Whistler approved vendors and 'Assured' Inspection process
  • Laboratory testing to enhanced standards
  • AS5553/AS6081 - Bespoke e.g. SPOC419


(Chargeable at cost; Failed test costs covered by our Assured Program)


Based upon a commitment to place additional orders per annum, the calculated cost for the value added services received as a member of 'Assured' has been estimated to be in excess of £15,000 per annum.




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